Alides International

Alides International

Poland and Luxembourg

Diversifying, adapting and standing out have been the main characteristics of our business model since the start of Group Maes and Alides.

Our vision: 360°

As your real estate partner, Alides wants to take on its role as an expert.

Are you looking for a profitable property investment or for a partner to achieve unique realisations? We would like to put our knowhow to your disposal. Thanks to our unique profile of investor and developer, we have the required knowledge in-house to offer a 360° counselling and follow-up.


In 2017, Alides purchased together with Revive the former Imperial Shipyards, Stocznia Cesarska, in the Hanseatic city of Gdańsk.

In 2021 we’ve acquired the Waterside office complex in Gdansk. In december 2022 we’ve purchased a property in Warsaw, Karolkowa 53. 

In the future, Alides wants to further broaden its strategic importance in Poland

As a hybrid player who combines the competences of investor and developer, we are convinced that the Polish market aligns perfectly with our core business.


Espace Kennedy B is one of the most coveted office buildings situated in the heart of the main business district Kirchberg, in the city centre of Luxembourg.

A prestigious building that accounts for about 5,850 m² of office space.

We’ve purchased this crown jewel in June 2018. Even during the thorough renovation of the vacant building, we succeeded in renting the office out for 100%, with one of the most valuable companies in the world as the main tenant. In 2020 SCI Pension Plus, bought the share capital in our subsidiary Alides Lux SARL, owner of Espace Kennedy B.