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Core values

At Alides, we focus daily on our key mission: creating homes, offices and neighbourhoods at strategic locations. As a family business we care about our history, but even more about how we will shape the future. Our vision and core values define how we think and act, both in our day-to-day activities and in our long-term decisions. The strong foundations that we have built up during our many decades of experience and our upright approach characterise the dynamic and driven character of Alides.

Real ideas
Real estate
Real people


Alides focusses on the world of tomorrow. We keep on searching for what we can do better and are constantly working on new solutions.


From design to material selection and execution: we consistently go for quality and strive for a high standard in everything we initiate.


Alides is a reliable partner who has confidence in its team and in the future, thanks to more than 128 years’ experience.


We take an agile approach in the fast-changing society, and are always prepared for future challenges.


In our activities as well as in our buildings, we always choose a sustainable approach. That way, we go for better living in a better environment.


We put people first in everything we do. Our houses and offices are always designed with the end user in mind.


At Alides, we dare to pursue our dreams. We aim at our goals and continue to improve ourselves.


As an experienced family business, we have the required knowledge and expertise on board to guarantee the success of every project.


We ensure a good balance between group and individual, and create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels good.

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