Corporate Governance

Group Maes has succeeded in implementing the modern principles of corporate governance in its management structure while retaining the family character, with a view to an efficient and transparent operation, and a long-term continuity of the group.

The Executive Board of Alides REIM approves the overall strategy and policy guidelines, participates in the decisions on core values, and supervises the daily management. The members of the Board have the competence, experience and knowledge required to perform this mandate, thanks to years of long-term familiarity with the management of and investment in the different types of real estate in which Group Maes operates.

Aside from three representatives of the family shareholders, the Executive Board consists of a majority of independent directors, of which Mr. Paul Depuydt is the Chairman of the Executive Board. Mr. Rikkert Leeman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee, sits on the Executive Board as a representative of the executive management.

The operational direction is held by an Executive Committee chaired by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rikkert Leeman and completed by Mr. Henk Cardon, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Sven De Bondt, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Thomas Osselaer, Chief Legal Officer.

In analogy with listed companies, Group Maes has developed charters elaborating the principles on corporate governance, while The Executive Board has founded an Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee within Group Maes.

Executive Board

Leeman Rikkert


Cardon Henk


Osselaer Thomas


De Bondt Sven


Board of directors

Depuydt Paul

Chairman Executive Board

Maes Antoine

Family director

Maes Christophe

Family director

Maes Sophie

Family director

Leeman Rikkert


Callens Joost

External director

Bearelle Nicolas

External director

De Nys Jan

External director

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