Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of our daily operation and strategy. At Alides, we pursue this by consistently focussing on our three key pillars: real ideas, real estate and real people. These pillars are embedded in everything we do as a company. We apply a healthy balance between entrepreneurship and stewardship, with attention to our operating result as a base for sustainable business across generations.

We confidently choose to position ourselves as a ‘smart follower’ rather than a ‘first mover’. This means that we align our scope delicately, pay special attention to analysis, and focus on our core competences. With this vision, we want to work towards a strategic advantage and reinforce and optimise our family real estate portfolio, by translating evolutions in the market and in society to our property.


Real ideas

Our investment strategy is clear and ambitious. We choose strong locations with growth potential and take on our social role where possible. This way, we want to commit to spatial efficiency: attention to qualitative densification and spatial optimisation are the focus. To realise intergenerational projects and developments, diversity is a key factor in our offer. We also want to organise living and working even more around qualitative (re)developments in the future.

Our projects Forum and LUX are great examples of this. During the concept phase of new projects, we want to reach out to local associations, schools and cultural institutions to think along with us, to experiment and to co-create.

Furthermore, we focus on digitisation with the aim to uphold our capability and flexibility as an investor and developer. Both for our customers as well as our employees, we pursue the implementation of new and sustainable ideas while wanting to consciously invest in our future. To improve our internal workflow as well as our external processes, we work with innovative tools to enhance the wellbeing and aspire long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Real estate

Alides chooses sustainability. By applying the correct technical and innovative procedures in all our projects and buildings, we want to match the modern-day comfort requirements with an example prestation regarding energy efficiency. These efforts will be secured and attested according to the internationally recognised standards. The realisation of Quantum Building in Ghent and Oxygen Building in Brussels, both BREEAM Excellent, are some of our exemplary projects. Oxygen Building was also a winner in the IBGE 2013 Exemplary Buildings competition of Brussels Environment.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we surround ourselves with the best professionals who constantly aid us in looking for innovation and optimisation. This way, we guarantee a pleasant living and working environment for our customers and colleagues, from concept to realisation, in accordance with the highest standards.

We deliberately choose to diversify our real estate portfolio in terms of geographical distribution, offering and destination. In doing so, Alides succeeds in building a strong and durable property portfolio, with a healthy balance between recurring and non-recurring income.

Real people

At Alides, we put people first. For generations we have been building dedicated and valuable relations with our employees, customers and partners. We are committed to working with mutual respect and with attention to everyone’s integrity.

We consciously commit to a sustainable development of our human capital and to customer centricity. By constantly investing in our internal competences and knowledge, we aim to further standardise our quality label. That is how we today succeed in achieving a strong and healthy company culture and in growing as a business.

Building on our proficiency, realising a stable working environment with room for professional self-realisation, and the combination of tradition and innovation form the basis of the distinctive capability of Alides. Taking into account our rich history and experience we like to take our responsibility as a real estate player and we want to be an ‘employer of choice’. Today and tomorrow.

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