Alides and Zabra join forces for real estate project "Silsburg Zuid" in Deurne



Ghent, June 29, 2023 - Alides, a real estate developer and investor, and Zabra, a real estate developer, both based in Ghent, are proud to announce their first collaboration. The joint commitment pertains to the "Silsburg Zuid" project in Deurne. To facilitate the realization of this project, the companies Silsburg Development and Silsburg Land have been established, with Alides and Zabra each owning a 50% stake.

Both parties are determined to shape the "Silsburg Zuid" project in an innovative and sustainable manner, respecting the environment and the needs of the neighborhood. The project area is situated along Van Strydoncklaan and Dassastraat in the Deurne Zuid district of Antwerp. This location marks the transition between the urban fabric of Deurne and the more expansive spaces  such as the Groot Schijn Park and the Rivierenhof Provincial Green Estate.

In 2020, in collaboration with the city architect, a design study was conducted for the projecta area and its broader surroundings. The  study identified opportunities to  create a variety of housing typologies, with a specific emphasis on green spaces and public connections in accordance with the "Deurne Green Plan."

Alides and Zabra are enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by the "Silsburg South" project and aim to establish a modern-day and sustainable living environment that meets the needs and expectations of future residents.

The "Silsburg South" project is currently in the preparatory phase, with an ongoing procedure for obtaining a permit for land subdivision.


About Alides

Alides, an established company in the real estate sector for generations, has been a longstanding actor due to our hybrid profile as investor and developer. Our origins can be traced back to the Maes family group’s contracting firm, established in Ghent in 1892. 

As part of our expansion strategy, we focus on thriving locations in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland. With our extensive knowledge in both office and residential markets, our goal is to solidify and enhance our position as a reference player in the real estate industry.  

Thanks to a long-term vision, a customer-oriented approach and tailor-made solutions, Alides wants to fulfil its mission as "your partner in real estate". Today, Alides has its own real estate portfolio with an estimated value of over €650 million and a development pipeline that represents a future turnover of over €900 million.  


About Zabra

Zabra Real Estate is the real estate development company of the Brantegem family within the Sobradis holding company. With a team of more than 35 professionals, Zabra focuses on the development of residential projects, SME parks, student housing and retail parks in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Thanks to its strong focus on quality and sustainability, Zabra sold approximately 100 million euros worth of real estate last year. Furthermore, Zabra also recently established its first real estate fund (Zabrixx I), which will lease and manage residential and student real estate for 46 million euros.

Under the leadership of its chairman Joris Brantegem and co-CEOs Christine Vermeersch and Laurens Brantegem, Zabra will realize its development pipeline of over 500 million euros in sales in the coming period.



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