Alides releases First Sustainability Report

Ghent, June 27, 2023 – Alides, a real estate investor and developer headquartered in Ghent, is pleased to announce the release of its first-ever sustainability report, showcasing its pioneering approach to Real Estate Upcycling and its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.

Despite the challenges that the real estate sector faced in 2022, Alides achieved strong financial results and developed a clear strategy to overcome future challenges.

With its focused approach on ‘Real Estate Upcycling’, Alides excels at revitalizing end-of-life properties, surpassing the environmental benefits of new projects. Aligned with Alides’ core values of quality, sustainability, and human-centeredness, this approach contributes to its long-term vision of fostering a more sustainable world.

In both its real estate portfolio and developments, Alides prioritizes societal and environmental considerations. By transparently reporting on efforts, outcomes, and future ambitions, this sustainability report sets Alides apart as a leading player in the industry, engaging in open dialogue with all stakeholders.

The report also highlights significant milestones reached in 2023, where Alides demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by embracing the most recent innovative techniques, such as those applied in the Montoyer 34 project in Brussels.

Alides is committed to delivering annual reports that outline the progress and targets of its three key sustainability pillars: Enhancing Real Estate, Embracing Real People, and Triggering Real Ideas. Alides firmly believes that sustainable business practices are indispensable for resilience and long-term prosperity.

Download sustainability report:
Alides Duurzaamheidsrapport 2022