Alides Wins “Best First Sustainability Report” Award from IBR-IRE!

Alides has been recognized with the “Best First Sustainability Report” award by The Institute of Registered Auditors (@IRE). This recognition reflects our commitment to transparent reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects alongside financial information.

It’s an acknowledgment of our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into our core practices.

As a family-owned real estate company, we’re proud to share that our approach is rooted in Real Estate Upcycling. Over the next few years, we’re set to invest in end-of-life-cycle properties at key urban locations, regenerating them at the opportune moment for their next, more sustainable operating cycle. This approach optimizes their carbon footprint across their entire lifespan, distinguishing us from traditional new-build projects.

What did the jury say?

The Jury selected the sustainability report of Alides Reim as the Best First Sustainability Report. The Jury found the Alides Reim’s report very complete, clearly structured, easy to read and inviting to read with a lot of interesting visuals and a creative touch.

Among other things, the jury welcomed the clear sustainability strategy linked to the 17 SDGs, the description of how Alides Reim intends to address ESG issues in the future, the integration of its CO2 impact, and the clear representation of their governance structure. The Jury also particularly prised was the strong alignment with the CSRD, the mapping with the ESRS standards and the fact that a double materiality assessment is already planned for 2024.

The Jury noted that the materiality exercise started already 2 years before this first sustainability report.

The report

Check out our award-winning report here: