New Alides Sustainability Report out now 

2024.06.06 – In 2023, Alides published its first-ever sustainability report, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. The report reflects years of dedicated effort in developing a robust sustainability strategy, a dedication recognised with the prestigious title of “Best First Sustainability Report” awarded by the IBR. 

On 6 June 2024, we issued the second edition of our Sustainability Report, showcasing the progress made, as well as our professional approach to achieving our sustainability objectives.  

In the past year, Alides has integrated sustainability at various levels within the organisation. Energy audits and targeted improvements have been conducted to enhance the sustainability of the existing portfolio.  

At the organisational level, we notice that our dedication to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles has sparked a cultural shift, fostering alignment and shared ambition from board to floor. This alignment has accelerated our decision-making processes, prioritising acquisitions that align with our sustainability objectives, particularly focusing on Real Estate Upcycling developments in top urban locations. 

Furthermore, we have extended our dedication to sustainability to every individual. We are committed to raising awareness, sharing knowledge and providing training on ESG-related topics for all team members, including newcomers. To keep sustainability on top of mind, we have issued clear targets, including increasing the proportion of colleagues with personal ESG targets. 

Looking ahead to 2024, we acknowledge the challenges and opportunities in achieving absolute reductions in scope 1 and 2 emissions, staying up-to-date with all technical, financial and legal complexities in sustainability, and expanding operations in Poland while adhering to sustainability goals. Despite market delays and uncertainties in local policies, we remain committed to driving positive change and advocating for sustainable practices. 

The emphasis on embodied carbon underscores the significance of our Real Estate Upcycling strategy, a forward-thinking approach that has proven effective. For instance, the recent collaboration with the European Commission on the Montoyer 34 project achieved a 50% reduction in carbon intensity compared to conventional new builds. 

You can read more about our most recent achievements and ambitions in the 2023 Alides Sustainability Report via the following link:

Alides Sustainability Report 2023