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Specific wishes ask for a customised approach. To achieve a real estate project that perfectly suits your needs, Alides offers various build-to-suit possibilities. We assemble a team of specialists to design the solutions and carry them out, tailored to your business. This way, we create real estate that fulfils your expectations.

Sale and leaseback

Alides is both investor and developer. Our hybrid profile enables unique cooperations and makes us look at real estate in the longer term. Sale and leaseback transactions can be an interesting solution when real estate is not your main activity and the operating capital should remain available as much as possible to invest in the company, to improve the cash position, to finance acquisitions or to increase the return on capital.

When choosing a sale and leaseback transaction, Alides buys your property, giving you the opportunity to rent it for a certain period. This allows your company to prepare for a relocation or for example renovate the property in coordination with us.

Project Management

You can also count on Alides for fitting-out works, renovations or extensions. Our specialist team takes care of the process from A to Z: the development of the concept, the subscriptions, the drafting of the building specifications and the measurement statements, the price request and negotiation, the works supervision, and the acceptance including supervision and follow-up. All within the agreed time and budget. We work with long-term partners, which allows us to purchase at competitive prices. For the financing of certain projects, we can offer you various interesting formulas.

Alides strives to unburden your company, letting you focus on the core business.

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