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Alides mainly focusses on office buildings in the central cities Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Kortrijk. Strategic AAA locations with a future, where we put sustainability and innovation first.


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Why choose a new office?

As an expert in commercial real estate, Alides encounters on a daily basis the increasing complexity regarding good, suitable housing for companies and organisations. Several specialists draw the same conclusions:

- Company successes and the related growth ask for an accommodated office space where the (extra) employees can work comfortably.

- The new normal in the post-corona era results in the need for more space per employee.

- The office space more than ever needs to match the company’s image and vision, and the offered products or services.

- The changing mobility requires companies to flexibly adapt their workspace to the needs of every employee.

- The Internet of Things puts extra pressure on the work-life balance and changes the expectations for facilities near the office.

- Sustainability is more important than ever, while it is also becoming clear that the negative impact of outdated techniques results in a lower productivity.

These specific company needs and a new way of working demand a change in professional housing. Additionally, the importance of the workplace should not be underestimated in the context of the recruitment and retention of young and experienced talents

Why choose Alides?

When building our own investment portfolio and choosing our development projects, we take into account the fast-changing society and look at what is important for the employees of today and tomorrow.

- Mobility: the location of the office is more crucial than ever. Alides chooses locations that are easily accessible by car as well as by public transport and bicycle.

- Green surroundings: a central area where employees can relax during lunch breaks, where they can work out or enjoy the nearby nature.

- Facilities: the vicinity of shopping centres, bars and restaurants, local shops, sports facilities etc. is a great asset to offer employees a good working environment.

- Appearance: the choice of employer is in the ‘war for talent’ also influenced by the look of the building and the design of the workplace.

- Comfort: facilitating comfortable working by innovative techniques leads to a higher productivity and wellbeing in the office.

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“Excellent cooperation, with a great availability and good contact! Proposals and suggestions can always be discussed, and everything is managed as accurately as possible, resulting in the best suitable solution.” 


“I had the honour to work with Alides during the last year, on quite some challenging projects. I was always pleasantly suprised at how quickly they react and how they strive to reach a solution. With Alides, you can count on their word. They act in a highly efficient way, in a pleasant and personal atmosphere with room for dialogue.”  


Property Management

At Alides, long-term relationships and transparency are at the base of all our cooperations and partnerships. That is why we consciously choose to assist our customers from A to Z. Our contact does not end after signing the rental contract: we go the extra step. Thanks to the support of our own property team, we allow you to focus on the core business of your company, without any hassle. We manage all buildings ourselves, without any intermediary. This way, you can enjoy the office at its fullest and without trouble.

We have an experienced team of real estate specialists who can help you at any time. From a comfort problem to a small restoration or advice for renovation works: we sort it out for you. Our support service is available 24/7 and takes care of any problems, even after office hours and in the weekend.

Since safety and wellbeing are of upmost importance to us, we look closely that all legally required surveillances regarding fire prevention and technical installations are always carried out on time. Thanks to our cooperation with professional partners, we are able to offer you the best services at the best price.

“The perfect balance between living, green and working.”


This former industrial site of 4.5 ha is situated at a top location by a meander of the Scheldt, close to the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station and the entrance and exit roads at Ghent University Hospital (UZ Ghent). Forum is a unique place in the city where living and working in a green environment is made possible. Shared facilities, parks and street furniture create the community feel that characterise this vibrant neighbourhood.

“An office made for the companies of the future.”


The well-developed and powerful design of Quantum Building starts from a sophisticated relationship between the building and its surroundings. This project at the Oktrooiplein in Ghent offers a setting where advanced technology and a timeless design are key. Thanks to renewed and sustainable techniques, the building is not only a delight for the eye, but also for the environment.

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An eye-catching and sustainable office building near Gent-Dampoort station, right at the junction of numerous routes.

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