About Us

Alides is an awarded international investor and developer specializing in office and residential real estate, with a strong presence in prime urban locations across Belgium and Poland.

Meet us

We are Alides

With its years of expertise as a real estate investor and developer, Alides wants to further expand its position as a national and international real estate player.

Real Estate Upcycling

For decades, real estate has proven to be one of the most profitable and safe investments.

We enhance the built environment by revitalizing old buildings and underused sites and giving them a renewed purpose through the concept of Real Estate Upcycling.

Growth and Innovation

We actively embrace innovative solutions and leverage digitalization to stay at the forefront of the industry.​

Furthermore, we foster a resilient culture of entrepreneurship, promoting a dynamic and adaptive approach to our projects.

Invest in PEOPLE

We emphasize people-centered entrepreneurship with open, long-term collaboration.

By cultivating a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, we strive to create lasting partnerships that drive positive outcomes for everyone involved.

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Global approach &
long-term vision

Sustainability Report 2023

In the second edition of our Sustainability Report, we highlight our commitment to ESG principles, energy audits, and Real Estate Upcycling projects.

Core values

At Alides, we focus daily on our key mission: creating homes, offices and neighbourhoods at strategic locations.